Unleashing Bold Elegance

Unleashing Bold Elegance - Transforming Weddings with Daring Floral Designs

In this beautiful wedding, which took place at the authentic Psagot Winery near the hills of Jerusalem, our bride Sophie knew exactly what she wanted right from the start.

*An almond branch Huppah
*Bright and bold fuschia flowers for the Kisseh Kallah setting
*And beautiful floral arrangements in white and pale pink for the dinner

I admit, usually I prefer solidarity within the color scheme of the wedding areas, but I’m all in to give the bride what she wants! 

We also really went into detail with the actual shape of the Huppah branches going up and out “like a tree”, and the way the flowers and foliage spill and reach out over the edge of the glass pedestal vase on the tables.

The mehitza too was decorated with lush foliage, and emphasis was put on flowers for the tisch table, the aisle chairs leading to the Huppah and of-course the elegant bouquets for the bridal party… The beautiful blue hues that were chosen as their dress color scheme just tied it all in and everything looked perfect.

#Herschel Guttman’s photographs say it all!

And so, every area in this special wedding was treated as a separate work of art, from the thoughtfully chosen flowers making sure the different shades don’t clash, to the time each flower was carefully put in place.

At the end of a full days’ work I look back and smile at the outcome (what can you do – flowers are always beautiful;) but more than that – what truly fills my heart are the individuals in my team who helped to make it happen. Their smiles and good nature is for me what it’s all about.

With Love


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