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This is going to be the event you’ve been dreaming of!

The feeling you get when you enter the venue and your face lights up as you see everything you’ve been imagining for the past few months come to life.
The “WOW” your guests exclaim as they take in the breathtaking beauty of it all!
This is it.

“Inbal, we cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, dedication, wedding advice, attention to detail, amazing taste and of course for making our wedding so incredibly beautiful!! Xx much love jasmin + nir”

Jasmin Swartz NZ

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    What will you gain by working with me?

    My biggest fear when I hand over my event to someone else’s hands, is that the outcome won’t be as I planned. That the design will be far from what I had in mind. Thank Gd I can say, based on my customers’ reviews and feedback, is that when I listen to you talk about your dream event and describe the look ‘n feel you want, I am able to accomplish just that and make your ideas come to life. No surprises (only good ones, that is😉) The look on your face when you enter the venue, will say it all! Not to mention your guests exclamation of WOW! But most importantly, we will have a wonderful time together, and you will benefit from friendly, efficient, English-speaking, top quality service.

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